Project Hindsight are innovators in research services provision, both in terms of content and delivery. Traditional research and publication methods can take years to get excellent research in front of its users. A finished Project Hindsight deliverable can be with you in a month or less (our record so far is six days). More expansive projects can be planned on a longer time spectrum.

The experienced Project Hindsight network affords access to an exceptional mix of intellectual verve, high-quality research capabilities, and professional excellence. We are delighted to work as a standalone consultancy or as part of a consultancy blend with colleagues from other organisations.

We’re leaner than our bricks and mortar competitors in the advisory and consultancy sector and so offer a more effective return on investment. Large consultancies and universities absorb fifty to eighty percent of client funding into operating costs.

Founder: Michael Weatherburn  (

Educated at Oxford and Imperial, Michael comes to Project Hindsight with extensive experience in the public and private sectors: from higher education and aerospace to accountancy and strategy consulting.

He was recently interviewed by the Singapore Straits Times about Project Hindsight’s work. Read here.

Michael works with a dedicated and growing network of Project Hindsight associates based in the consultancy, data, and research sectors. If you think you have what it takes to be one of them, please get in touch.

Here’s Michael examining Project Hindsight’s early work: