‘The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there’

So famously remarked the novelist L.P. Hartley in 1953. The past also acts as a magnet, always pulling us into its field of influence. But simultaneously we each experience the past differently.

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These workshops are tailored to make these issues both explicit and useful. Project Hindsight offers four executive education and mentoring workshops:

1. Data. Data powers all workplace systems to the extent that The Economist has called data the ‘new oil‘. However, with mainstream data sources over-used and high-value data hard to come by, we will help you unlock new ways to discover novel data.

2. Work. The future of work is on everyone’s lips. Shifts in training and skills, talent mobility, urbanisation, and high facility costs will mean this discussion runs and runs. Stay ahead of the debate with a bespoke workshop on your sector. Consult us on the future of other aspects of your organisation as well.

3. Change. Building on custom workshops developed for the Tavistock Institute and Imperial College, this workshop will enhance your organisation’s empathy and cohesiveness, particularly in times of change. It will help embed new ideas and processes into your organisation’s cultural and operational DNA.

4. Memory. This workshop analyses how memory decay is affecting your organisation’s operational performance. It then identifies potential future challenges and the organisational strategies which can be used to meet and overcome them.

Should you wish to discuss these workshop opportunities further, please contact us for more information.

Old Compueter
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